Citizen Nades then scream on top of his voice : “I can’t be a politician. I don’t know how to lie

It seems to me you can’t get a single decent chap in UMNO. Either they are addicted to Wealth, Power or SEX. Sometimes altogether at the same time. They are all muslims, people who prays (or who were taught to pray) 5 times a day from a young age. Now, before anyone out there thinking this as an attempt to equate Islam with UMNO members behaviour, let me stress that I am NOT.

What I am trying to say here is that early childhood religious/moral education may, or may not help much in molding a person’s character. To say someone behaves in an unacceptable way due to lack of religious/moral guidance is to me an excuse meant to simplify the issue at hand, to isolate it into a nice and well defined compartment and for the problem to be easily justified and explained.

Recently there is also an NGO who explained that the current baju kurung school uniform could be the reason for the rapes, premarital/underage sex among the malay students. Again this shows a futile attempt to compartmentalise the problem, to define the cause and effect. By doing so, it does a whole lot of things, even providing a feel good feeling among the people that finally the root cause of all these moral degradation is found and removed. To me, it does everything but solving and tackling the problem effectively.


Citizen Nades – By R. Nadeswaran ( Every Monday & Wednesday )

Royal burial for CYC
Updated: 09:51AM Mon, 26 May 2008

THE SMS on Friday evening was rather crude and uncalled for. Maybe it was how the sender and most Malaysian perceived it. Maybe, that was how officials of the Youth and Sports ministry presented their case. The SMS read: “… screwed again . CYC called off.”

I totally disagree with the use of the phrase and the truth is that no one got screwed! The truth is that our money has been saved. The truth is that one wrong has been put right. The truth is that a bad decision has been reversed. The truth is that in future, policy decisions and those committing government funds will no longer be made without consultation and consensus.

Before proceeding, let me declare my interests in this issue and why we campaigned to stop such wastage of public funds. From the word go, we knew the CYC would be a flop. We are not a society of sports-loving people unlike the Aussies who are passionate about sports. Even if given free tickets to the matches, certain sections of our society would ask: Datuk, Tak kan tak ada duit belanja?!

On March 16 last year, Terence Fernandez and I attended the launch of the Champions Youth Cup (CYC) at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. That was the first step to prevent RM17 million going down the drain. Yes, I was vocal because I felt that it was a waste of money. Three days after the infamous encounter, I wrote:

But as one probing question after another was posed, I can only guess that the pressure was a bit too much for the (Sports) Minister (Datuk Azalina Othman Said.) [Some ministers are used to being asked sedate questions from prepared texts by members of the audience.] But this time, it was a different kettle of fish. The ministry had committed RM17 million to a promoter for a youth tournament which would bring little or no benefit to Malaysians. She was asked to justify it.

As much as she tried, no one got direct answers, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I had countered her claims that the football tournament is part of the Visit Malaysia campaign with a realistic look at the situation – you can’t have tourists flying in by the thousands for the August tournament. Promotions on it should have started a year ago. To date, even the ticket prices have yet to be announced.
Read More…

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | May 13, 2008

May 13

This post was written a year ago in the month of May 2007. Will be reposted annually during the month of May as a way to commemorate the tragic day and the effect it has on the relationship among the different races in Malaysia.

I still remember when my parents caution me not to mention anything about May 13 for fear of being charge by the police. That was during my primary school days. For many years, what really happen during May 13 was never documented, nor did we studied it in our history classes.

All I know was (this remains to be verified) that during May 13, the Chinese is being slaughtered in Malay dominated areas and the same thing happen to the Malays in Chinese areas. Right until now, we still get advised from our old ones not to purchase any house in a Malay dominated areas. I couldn’t understand the fear and insecurity, especially when I have always mixed with other races pretty well and even my Father have and continue to make friends with the Malays. So what is May 13?

We were living at Salak South Garden during those times. My mother was back home after work while my father is on his way to Klang. Little did she knows that he will not be back for the day and many days later. While riding his Vespa, he was slashed at the abdomen by a group of Malays. He falls off and was pulled to the road side to die. It seems that when he regain consciousness, he made his way to the nearest police station. He was lucky to survive the incident. Until now, the scar is still very much obvious, a 1.5 feet long scar across the obdomen. According to my mum, my father health was never the same after that episode. I can imagine the agony of my mum waiting for the return of my dad and the black out of news for subsequent days….

Those were trying times…

Right now, there are news that the May 13 book will be banned… I hope not, and I will be the first to grab a copy once the second print is out…

Based on what the leaders of our country are doing, based on what the ulamak is preaching at the mosque, I would not be surprised that a similar trajedy like May 13 will revisit us in not too distant future.

Already all the mainstream papers and TV station is owned by the ruling political parties. Already the lay man is brainwashed with the constant state propaganda. We have so many corrupted and opportunistic politician. We have a toothless Anti Corruption Agency, Election Commision and we even have a manipulative Son In Law. Just check out the New Strait Times and you will find his face appearing again and again on a daily basis. Any Ali, Ah Kau or Raj will know that he is trying to build an image of Malay ultra.

And then we have religious leader like Perak Mufti, the Harussani fella. Perhaps you would question how I know what they preach at the mosque since I don’t attend any…well…..come to my place and you will hear the sermon loud and clear. Not satisfied with the load broadcast for azan, they even broadcast their sermon. So much hate, so much kafir mengkafir.

Thank God that I am not born a Malay in this country, Thank God I am not force to follow a religion where the Prophet has such a violent and vicious conduct. Thank God that I am not oblige to defend a religion which has so many injustice recorded in it’s Holy Book.

Click here for the Wafa Sultan debate…

Updates 21 May 2007, 11.45am
Checked with Popular Bookstore, Ikano. The stock has not arrive yet. According to Malaysiakini, the second print of 5000 copies should have reach the shelves by now. Wonder if it will reach the bookstore at all.
Checked with
Borders, The Curve. They said it was banned, not selling it. Emm…it was not banned! Not officially. These people have no guts!

Updates 22 May 2007, 06.23pm
The book is AVAILABLE at Popular Ikano Power Center!!!! Yeah baby yea…..

Updates 22 May 2007, 09.51pm
Bought 3 copies…..hurray!!! While leaving Popular, I notice an old apek was walking to the cashier with at least 10 of these books on hand…
By the way, not many copies remaining on the rack, but it seems there are plenty more in the store.

Read here on how the KDN fella ‘rampas’ 10 copies without paying!

FYI, we can still get it online in Malaysiakini….through the KiniBooks

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | May 7, 2008

Malaysia Race Relations

Have been reading a post from a commenter to a thread in this forum repeatedly for a number of times. I feel the writer put forward eloquently what many right thinking malaysians (esp:non-bumi) feel about race relations in this beloved country of ours. Many people (including lawyers, professors, teachers and professionals) do have this kind of racist mentality. As such, it’s no wonder after 4 generations the Chinese and Indians reach the shore of Malaysia, there are still people who think that this country belongs solely to a single race and that we are merely squatting in their God blessed land, and that we need to show our gratitude for their benevolence and generosity. Never mind of the fact that they weren’t the original inhabitants of the country in the first place.

Afraid that the post may be archive or deleted in due time, I do a copy and paste as below –

Read More…

another project up for corruption….

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha (aka monyet angkasa) must have made some serious discovery of oil field at the moon…to justify the spending of 6 billion on a space university in the most flood prone area of Johor…… all these, while the world is facing severe increase in food prices and rise in inflation…

By Mohd Haikal Isa

JOHOR BAHARU, April 27 (Bernama)A local company and its overseas partner plan to set up Space Science University of Malaysia (UniSam) costing RM6.1 billion on 2,500-acre site in Kota Tinggi.

Next Systems Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Noor Faizal Abdul Samad said the university would be equipped with modern and international-standard space science laboratories and recruit renowned experts. “If the proposal is accepted, Malaysia will emerge as the third country in the world to have a space science university after Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, United States, and International Space University in Strasbourg, France,” he told Bernama recently.

He said the setting up of a space science university in Malaysia was also aimed at bringing back the glory of Muslims in the field by drawing well-known Muslim space scientists like Prof Ahmed Zemail and Prof Ibrahim Semiz. UniSam, he said, would have eight faculties including Space Engineering and Aeronautics; Mechanical Engineering; and Bioengineering encompassing Biomolecular Engineering and Medicine.

Read it in full HERE….


By the way, I am still awaiting the KESIMPULAN EXPERIMEN (EXPERIMENT FINDINGS/CONCLUSION) which was promised 3 months ago by Sheikh Muszaphar HERE…

Since the findings will be published in an international journal, I believe the report must be making it’s round among all the universities involved like those from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia dan Universiti Teknologi Mara for error correction purposes. Needless to say, as a Malaysian I am damn proud that finally our country have something to shared with the whole wide world…

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 30, 2008

That’s the problem when you vote for Pakatan Rakyat…

Have not been blogging for quite some days, but have been actively catching up on current issues. I have voted for Pakatan Rakyat and because of that, I and many others who have voted them in, shares a burden. The burden of having to listen to revelations after revelations of misappropriations of funds, underboard dealings and worms after worms that are slowly coming out to the open. I hope the current State gov will have enough time and manpower to zapped each and every of these worm. And above all, PR must be prepared to deworm the state of the mother of the worms, once and for all.

RM9.9mil belongs to Balkis

Did Balkis have the right to move out the RM9.9m?

and the bombshell….

Balkis’ accounts not finalised before funds transferred out

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 18, 2008

Jangan politikkan titah Tengku Faris

For those who donno head or tail about this issue, read here…

Some critical point in Tengku Faris speech –

“No one should question the special rights and privileges of the Malays because it is quid pro quo in return for providing citizenship to 2.7 million people of other races who joined the Malay Federation”

‘It is not appropriate for the other races to demand equal rights and privileges after they have already acquired their citizenship.’

“The Malay rulers are the head of the Islamic religion and Malaysia is a Islamic country (negara Islam), not secular. We have our own formula (as a country) which is different from others,” he added, drawing thunderous applause from the crowd.”

Check this commentary of Tengku Faris speech from Utusan Malaysia

Words in Red are mine…

These are the daily dose of venom that are injected into our Malay brothers and sisters. One wonders when would real unity be achieve with all the racist ideas being infused into the minds of the Malays..

KOTA BHARU 17 April – Pelbagai pihak di negeri ini termasuk Dewan Pemuda Pas Kelantan meminta semua pihak tidak mempolitikkan titah ucapan Tengku Mahkota Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra dengan cuba memainkan isu perkauman.

Titah Tengku Faris sememangnya penuh dengan isu perkauman. Nampaknya penulis artikel ini buta huruf.

Ketua Dewan Pemuda Pas, Zaki Ibrahim berkata, dengan menggambarkan titah ucapan itu sebagai ‘perosak’ ia merupakan suatu kenyataan yang menghina institusi raja dan sewajarnya mereka yang mengungkapkan perkataan itu perlu memohon maaf.

Titah ucapan Tengku Faris adalah perosak kepada minda mereka yang lemah. Institusi Raja tidak dihina, tetapi ucapan sebegini dari seorang pemangku raja patut dihina.

Beliau menyifatkan tanggapan bahawa titah ucapan itu yang mengajak kaum Melayu berpadu semula demi masa depan bangsa dan negara tidak memberi faedah kepada masyarakat berbilang kaum serta boleh merosakkan perpaduan dan keharmonian kaum, adalah keterlaluan.

Mengajak kaum Melayu bersatu sememangnya memberi faedah kepada negara. Tetapi amaran yang kaum lain akan ambil kesempatan adalah satu penghinaan kepada bangsa lain dan merosakan keharmonian rakyat Malaysia.

”Sedangkan titah ucapan baginda merupakan nasihat dan teguran daripada istana untuk menyedarkan orang Melayu supaya bersatu dan bukan bermaksud meminggirkan kepentingan dan hak kaum lain,” katanya di sini hari ini.

TuntutanPresiden MCA, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting dilaporkan berkata beliau tidak bersetuju dengan kenyataan Tengku Mahkota mengenai tuntutan hak sama rata untuk kaum bukan Melayu.

Kalau tidak bermaksud meminggirkan kepentingan kaum bukan Melayu kenapa pulak nak mengkritis OKT yang menyatakan semua kaum ada hak sama rata?

Menurut Ka Ting, titah ucapan Tengku Mahkota sewaktu perasmian perhimpunan Perpaduan Melayu Sabtu lalu akan memusnahkan perpaduan dan keharmonian kaum selain tidak memberi faedah kepada masyarakat berbilang kaum di negara ini.

Malah Ka Ting turut menegaskan semua kaum di negara ini mempunyai hak sama rata seperti dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan walaupun Perkara 153 menyebut tentang hak keistimewaan orang- orang Melayu dan bumiputera, namun ia bukan mutlak.

Katanya, sebagai bekas menteri, Ka Ting sepatutnya meneliti dan memahami isu kandungan titah ucapan Tengku Mahkota sebelum membuat komen.

Ahli Jawatankuasa Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia (DPMM) Cawangan Kelantan, Daud Che Ahmad juga meminta Ka Ting memohon maaf kepada Tengku Mahkota Kelantan di atas komennya itu yang dilihat seolah-olah tidak menghormati institusi istana.

OKT patut meminta maaf kepada Tengku Faris, tetapi Tengku Faris patut meminta maaf kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, samada Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan, Iban, Dusun and terutamanya kaum orang asli yang terpinggir di pendalaman.

”Walaupun menitikberatkan soal perpaduan dan ketuanan Melayu, baginda turut bertitah bahawa baginda juga tidak meminggirkan kepentingan dan hak kaum lain.

”Ka Ting atau bukan Islam perlu ingat bahawa apabila orang Melayu selamat, kaum bukan Melayu juga akan selamat,” katanya.

Apa kena mengena Islam dengan isu ini? Kalau Melayu tak selamat, maka bukan melayu akan menerima padahnya? TAK GUNA!


Earlier there were some controversy as to whether Tengku Faris did indeed made such statements in his speech.

Check out Haris Ibrahim blog to know more about it…

What you read ain’t always what’s said!

…and sometimes what you read was in fact said!

Raja Petra funny view on this – Many apples in a barrel

Some exchanges in Malaysian Bar website on the speech. Read all the way to the response by Gerald…

Tengku Faris

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 17, 2008

People like these, How to find….?

Many people, especially those who ONLY read Utusan Melayu and Berita Harian and ONLY watch TV3 will never agree with the Azmi Sharom views. My guess is that sooner or later, he will be labelled with all kind of names and lastly threat to his life…

Some quotes –

If the Malays are the largest group of people in Malaysia who are in the most need, then they will get the most help. If they are not in the most need, then why on earth do they need help then?

You do not meet racism with racism; you challenge it by destroying all traces of it.

Perhaps the real threat is the threat to Umno hegemony, in which case my answer to that is this: clean up your act, live up to your promises and listen to what the people are saying.

Read his thoughts about Ketuanan Melayu here…

Check out his blog here…

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 17, 2008

Easier to Convert

From The Star,

Read in full, HERE…

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said

… ever since Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s announcement last week, the Syariah Judicial Department and the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) have been looking into ways to assist individuals planning to embrace Islam.

… the outcome of the conference would be used as a guideline, adding it would be determined later whether it would be best for those intending to convert to Islam to inform their families before or after conversion.

… “We need to hear what the experts say. We also need to make it easy for those who need to take on the responsibility of dropping the bombshell to their families,” he said, adding that the authorities were also aware that informing the family before converting could result in them being prevented from embracing the religion of their choice.

I am not anti Islam and it’s always good to know that someone has finally found their faith and willing to commit to it.

But I detest the way it is propagated and regulated in Malaysia. The controversies caused by these conversion issues are not due solely by the fact that the family members are not duly informed. Rather, it is due to many instances where the legality and validity of the conversion itself is questioned. In other words, the alleged conversion may or may not have taken place. All the controversies involved those that are dead.

Does it really matter whether the family is inform prior to or after conversion? I have yet to hear of any physical harm that come across a new convert, but we do hear a lot of physical threat for those who want to renounce Islam.

It seems to me, the government are not sparing any efforts to assist individuals and make it easy for them to convert to Islam, while at the same time creating various levels of difficulties ‘safeguarding’ muslims from renouncing Islam. I wonder if that is what the muddlehead Badawi means to respect other religions…

I hate to say these, but people like Zahid Hamidi shows a very hypocritical face of Islam and helps to etch deeper into my mind that Muslims like him has a perverted sense of justice.

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 17, 2008

Reason for shroud of secrecy


Reason for shroud of secrecy

BEFORE the Malaysian Government rushes to introduce new regulations requiring converts to Islam to inform their families before embracing the religion, it must introduce every practical precaution necessary to protect the welfare and well-being of the new converts.

One of the primary reasons that deter a potential convert from informing his or her family is antagonism against the proposed course of action.

There are many reported instances where would-be converts were subject to severe psychological harassment and physical assaults to discourage them from embracing Islam. There were even cases where potential and actual converts were brutally murdered for daring to go against the collective wishes of their family and community.

It is often to avoid such unpleasant consequences that many convert in secret. The real problem here lies with their family and community who refuse to acknowledge and respect the potential convert’s aspiration to embrace Islam.

By resorting to violence and other forms of intimidation to deter them from becoming Muslims, they leave the potential converts little choice but to carry out their faith under a shroud of total secrecy.

Blame must also be shared by the Islamic authorities, the police and other relevant agencies for failing to provide adequate protection to these potential converts. Therefore, it is imperative the Government irons out these complications before enacting the new regulations.



I think the author need to backup his claim that converts are brutally murdered and I do hope that he could see things from a different perspective. Otherwise, he will just be another Muslim with a perverted sense of justice.

Allow me to rewrite the above article from the perspective of a non-Muslim so as to provide a more balance view

Reasons for the controversies in conversion

BEFORE the Malaysian Government rushes to introduce new regulations requiring converts from Islam (apostate) to inform their families before leaving the religion, it must introduce every practical precaution necessary to protect the welfare and well-being of the apostate and his/her family.

One of the primary reasons that deter a potential apostate from informing his or her family is antagonism against the proposed course of action that is due to the fact that this will bring shame to the family and the apostate. In addition apostacy is not permitted by law of the land and is a crime punishable by jail. It is indeed laughable that in Malaysia, one is not an apostate until the government decide you are one. The apostate will have a torturous life since it is legally permissible to confine an apostate in Islamic Rehabilitation Camp for an indefinite period or until the would be apostate INSAF (repent).

There are many reported instances where apostates were subject to severe psychological harassment and physical assaults to discourage them from leaving. The apostate’s family are also subjected to various shameful taunts and interviews from the media. There were even cases where potential and actual apostate were brutally murdered for daring to go against the collective wishes of their family and community.

It is often to avoid such unpleasant consequences that many leave Islam secret. Some choose to leave the country. The real problem here lies with their family, community and the government who refuse to acknowledge and respect the apostate aspiration to leave Islam and profess a new faith.

By resorting to violence and other forms of intimidation and instituting law and regulations to deter and prevent them from renouncing Islam, they leave the apostate little choice but to carry out their new found faith under a shroud of total secrecy.

Blame must also be shared by the Islamic authorities, the police and other relevant agencies for conducting various forms of re-education cum confinement camps (read : brain washing) instead of providing adequate protection to these apostate. Therefore, it is imperative the Government irons out these complications to save the country from being embroiled with more controversies the future.



Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 2, 2008

Mydin – Banning Dutch Product

Check out this interesting news – Mydin banning Dutch Product

This is what I thought, if Mydin sincerely do NOT wish his customer to buy Dutch product, why not consider pulling all Dutch products from Mydin shelves?

Being the owner of such a large supermarket, you should know better that :

  • most if not all Dutch Lady product are produce here with the raw material obtained from Australia and New Zealand.
  • the fact that the product is manufactured here means that any drop in sales will seriously affect the performance of the local Dutch Lady operation.
  • the Mother company may consider pulling out from operating from Malaysia and move to more civilised countries which offers lower pay with higher productivity like Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Are Dutch Lady and Phillips (Bosch) just to name a few, are majority owned by the Dutch? But then again, what has the action of a Dutch man got to do with banning the product from that country?

To me this is nothing more than an excuse to have some cheap publicity from the current brouhuha generated from Fitna. And the fact that they have not pull out Dutch Lady products from the shelves clearly shows that profit still matters. Money still rules, doesn’t it? Besides, there are no shortage of shops and supermarkets that sell Dutch Lady products. There are really no significant inconvenience if people really wish to buy any Dutch Lady product. They just don’t go to Mydin, that’s all…. :PBy the way, I have a bone to pick with Berita Harian. Allow me to quote them –

” Filem itu juga menunjukkan kenyataan daripada paderi yang radikal yang menyebut sural Al-Quran dengan menyelitkan imej serangan 11 September terhadap Pusat Dagangan Dunia (WTC) New York. “

Now, why would they name the radical Muslim cleric and preacher as Paderi? Can any muslim out there clarify on this issue? When has an imam become a paderi? Can they be used interchangably? Or was it because the writer wants to mislead the public since it would NOT be appropriate to name them as Radical Muslim Cleric/Preacher? (Imam yang radikal?)Datuk Amir Ali Mydin, did you really really watch Fitna, for once? I am still waiting for a single Muslim to explain the verses in Al-Quran that is mentioned in Fitna. Instead of channeling your energy towards unproductive anger, why not spend some time to explain the meaning of the questionable and hateful verse mentioned in Fitna ?


  • Dutch Lady has, through in internal email on 4th April advise her staff not to wear any T’Shirt, jackets that will identify themselves to be the staff of Dutch Lady. The employees are also advise to remove all car windscreen sticker. It was reported that one of the staff of Dutch Lady (Section 14, PJ) was assaulted due to the same reason. The Management of Dutch Lady had also removed all the sales and transportation vehicle that are painted with the company logo, replacing them new, white colour Proton Iswara on the same day.
  • For those seeking alternative (fair) explanation to the verses mentioned in Fitna, here’s one possible source –

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