Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 14, 2008

More daily items rising…

Milk will be more expensive soon. Giant, Tesco and Carrefour has been bulk buying milk powder from milk manufacturers these days. I was informed that the usual order comes to tens of boxes, but they have been ordering in terms of hundreds per day. This massive increase could be in anticipation of a sudden increase in price for all milk products. No, don’t be naive by thinking these Hypermarkets are doing this for your sake. They are doing this to be ready for the kill by selling old goods with new price.

In fact, a local manufacturer has informed all it’s customers of the impending increase in milk products in this coming July. The quantum of increase is still unknown. My advise to mothers with babies, stock up and stock up! The fact that all the major hypermarkets are ordering full steam shows that the increase will be significant.

Price of chicken has increase by RM1 in most places within a week and I have also noticed that my favourite Chacos Chips has rise to RM2.20, an increase of RM0.30 in less than a month ago.

Malaysians brothers and sisters, brace yourself for a tough road ahead.



  1. Price of milk TO go up? You should see the price of butter and cheese.Butter at RM4.80 is now RM7.50. Cheese at RM 5 plus is noe RM 9.50!

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