Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 14, 2008

Lido Boulevard

Check this out –

Work on Lido Boulevard to start in September

Developer gears up to begin work on Lido Boulevard

Two things that strikes me is this –

CENTRAL Malaysian Properties Sdn Bhd (CMP), a company linked to businessman Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, said it is on track to begin work on the RM2.7 billion Lido Boulevard waterfront project in the Iskandar Development Region, Johor, in March.

It will take 24 months to complete the land reclamation, which will extend between 0.04km and 0.45km into the Straits of Johor along a 2.4km stretch of the beachfront here.

“The land reclamation would be strictly monitored with stringent measures in place to protect marine life, the coastal environment and the livelihoods of affected fishermen.

My question is as below –

1. What strikes you when the name Tan Sri Vincent Tan is mentioned? ( gambling business? lingam? well connected? )

2. Land reclamation? Are we that short of land? What would the Tebrau straits be, if S’pore decided to do the same from their side?

3. Do you really think there are any marine life at Tebrau Straits? Do you seriously thinks that there are fisherman there? The sea water over there are not even safe for drinking!

If the project comes up to what it suppose to be (according to the news piece) then, by all means, it’s a good project. Lido beach is a waste land anyway. Any measure to rehabilitate it would be good and much welcome. The benefit, according to the spokesman is great –

  1. “We will also build flyovers and pedestrian bridges to transform Lido Boulevard into one of the most attractive destinations in Johor Baru.”
  2. Chan said works will also involve land reclamation at Lido Beach.
  3. Lido Boulevard has four main development components: luxury condominiums, waterfront office suites, a hotel and a shopping mall.
  4. According to Chan, Lido Boulevard will have generous open spaces for public recreation. This includes a 2.4km-long boardwalk, 9.7ha man-made lagoon for water activities and 1.8ha public park.
  5. The development blueprint is based on the theme of a “garden city”, with landscaped gardens, water fountains and park-like facilities covering nearly a quarter of the area.

And the fact that this project is initiated by lingam’s good friend, ehem….

But my guess is that this project may not bring any good to Johoreans in general and over long term. In the end, it will be but another place for S’poreans to place their mistresses without having to drive all the way to Taman Sentosa.



  1. i pity those who bought houses facing the beach thinking they get to at least see the sea every morning.

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