Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 7, 2008

Therima Khaseh, Pak Lah yang disayangi…

I have yet to pump in petrol since the fateful day when the petrol goes up to RM2.70…

Although I have yet to feel the direct effect of the rise in fuel, I slowly come to terms that many things will never be the same again. There are practically no way to avoid the rise in living cost. Everyone, from the normal wage earner to the small businessman will find ways to compensate for the loss, or rather rise in cost of doing things. The chain effects will come in fast and furious, like these –

Petrol, power price rise effects begin to kick in

Lorry transport fees up

Cooking gas delivery charges may go up

Electricity rates go up

Government removes RM6 per kilo ceiling price for chicken

FMM hails cement price lift

Manufacturers worry

Chicken price soars to RM7 a kilo – June 13 2008

For one, I am not oppose to the increase in fuel cost (as I have stated in my previous post). In fact, I find it reasonable for the government to raise it to the level that reflect the market rates, which means Zheelo subsidies given. But I find it a terrible misjudgement on the part of Pak Lah to decide on the rise in such an abrupt manner. Only a few days ago, our terribly unwise Sharir Samad promised on not raising the price of fuels. What caused the turnaround, Pak Lah? Are you a born liar OR was it one of your lifelong aspiration to be called a liar? You have lied to us many many times, from your marriage status (which is personal, I admit), the setting up of IPCMC to the date of dissolution of the Parliament on March 8, just to name a few. Was that some form of elegant lying which you find it compatible with the elegant silence which you subscribe to?

Until now, I am still confused which part did you lie. Did you or your guys lie when they say the price review will only take place in August? Or was it done purposefully so as to make us ill prepared for any eventuality? The measures which you and your stupid team has come up upon announcement gives me an indication that the decision was made abruptly. But I am wondering, was that part of the play too? My intuition tells me that you and your cabinet fuckingly plan about this well ahead of time. ( this is the first time i am using a vulgar word, but I promise this shall not be the last)

You plan well, you make it look like an abrupt decision caused by the rise in fuel price, you wait to see the response of the rakyat to see how much goodies you may want to release to them. Fuck you Pak Lah. Either way, you are a bad planner, bad executioner and shortsighted. Sometimes I wonder was that pre-planned too?

Reading these articles make my blood boils, it’s like rubbing chilli boh to the ass hole –

Public transport, school bus operators warned against raising fares

I would like to stress that public transport and school bus operators are not affected by the fuel hike because they are entitled to diesel at RM1.43 per litre and they are given fleet cards. There is no reason why they should increase their fares as announced by the bus operators association today,” he told reporters Friday after attending Umno retreat at a hotel here.

Mr. Noh Omar, if the government have any perceived right to increase the price of petrol without prior informing the rakyat, I don’t think you have much to say about them increasing theirs. At least they have the decency to inform the public of the hike in advance. It’s stupid to make such a remark in public as we know that’s just a sandiwara on your part. We know you don’t care.

Bus services may grind to a halt when quota runs out

Stage and express buses may stop running in the last week of every month if operators do not receive more subsidised diesel supply under the fleet card system. Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association president Datuk Ashfar Ali said although the system entitled them to diesel at RM1.43 a litre, supply was not enough. “The amount we get is enough for about 70% of our operations. Unless we get at least 30% more, we are in trouble,” he told The Star.

Ashfar said operators used to absorb the price difference when the pump price was RM1.58 a litre but could not manage now that the price was increased to RM2.58 yesterday. “My members are saying that when they run out of the diesel quota, they will stop operating until they receive the quota for the following month,” he said. Ashfar added that bus companies also faced problems with some oil companies over the fleet card system as the rebate was not given instantly to operators, with some taking up to a month to do it.

Measures to soften fuel price impact on SMEs

On the automotive industry, he said national car producer Proton was encouraged to produce more fuel-efficient cars as they would be much sought after following the increase in oil prices.

Too little, too late. From 85% to 90%, a rise of 5%. That must be a lot muhyiddin. I shudder to think that you would be the next UMNO president (hence, Prime Minister). You speak so irresponsibly. By the way, I still remember the mess Johor Bahru is in, with pubs, discos and night clubs mushrooming during your tenour as Chief Minister of Johore.

Talk is easy, talk cock is even easier.

Road tax may be cut further

Asked if public transportation would receive further subsidies following the fuel price rise, Ong said the Cabinet Committee on Public Transportation would discuss it further.

“Of course, certain things have yet to be worked out. Some of the input, initiatives and proposals will be discussed by the committee.

At this juncture, it (further public transport subsidy) is still open-ended,” he said.

So what’s holding you back, Mr. Ong? What’s the point of cutting road tax when our monthly expenditure increase by 50%? What we want to hear from you is greater effort in improving the public transport within Klang Valley and other major towns. You makes us feel that being a minister is so easy. Gives us your pledge in improving our public transport, until then, you are as useless as your predecessors.

Thank you for this assurance. So now, we should just get on with our life knowing that leaders like you would discuss the best measures to lighten our burden. Let us see if these discussion will bear any fruit to the public. Even if nothing comes out of it, perhaps we should be grateful that your ministry actually discussed about it, no?

Government must act to avert price hike

The Government must take steps to prevent producers and suppliers from using the petrol price increase as an excuse to raise the prices of goods and services. Social activist Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said that the petrol price hike would affect many industries and they would use the opportunity to increase the cost of materials and production.

Mr. Lee, the question is how? I think we should call you Talk Cock Lee the next time you open your mouth…

Bernas reduces fragrant rice’s price

Bernas will reduce its wholesale price of fragrant and glutinous rice from midnight today. Its managing director Bakry Hamzah said this was possible because “we managed to buy fragrant rice from Thailand at a very low price very, very recently”.

Thank you for the reduction, Bernas. You monopolises the rice industry in Malaysia. You alone has AP for rice import. You insisted that Malaysian shall not plant fragrant rice so that we fully depended upon Thai fragrant rice. Which only Bernas has the AP. What a clever way of doing things.


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