Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 2, 2008

Tun Mahathir, no wonder Mugabe is your fren…

The old wily fox has got a million hits. Went to read up on one of his latest posting –

Have posted two comment. Let’s see which one appears in his blog –

Comment 1

Your writing shows the person you are, to be capable of making malaysia to it’s level today.

Thank you, Tun M.

Without you, Malaysia will never be such an interesting place to be in. Without you, our life will be different. Without you, Malaysia will still be in the 70’s.

We feel so blessed that we grow up with you as our PM.

Now that you are no more our PM, we wonder would the next PM be able to capitalise on all the good work you have done.

Salam, Tun M.


Comment 2

It takes more than a simple posting to criticise you for your thoughts.

I find it unnecesssary and a waste of time for a person like you to be corrected and rebuke.

Bring it to your grave, you and your racist mindset.


Update – Both appears. I think I should do a better job next time of not submitting both comments using the same name and with the same IP.


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