Posted by: Kaki Ayam | May 13, 2008

May 13

This post was written a year ago in the month of May 2007. Will be reposted annually during the month of May as a way to commemorate the tragic day and the effect it has on the relationship among the different races in Malaysia.

I still remember when my parents caution me not to mention anything about May 13 for fear of being charge by the police. That was during my primary school days. For many years, what really happen during May 13 was never documented, nor did we studied it in our history classes.

All I know was (this remains to be verified) that during May 13, the Chinese is being slaughtered in Malay dominated areas and the same thing happen to the Malays in Chinese areas. Right until now, we still get advised from our old ones not to purchase any house in a Malay dominated areas. I couldn’t understand the fear and insecurity, especially when I have always mixed with other races pretty well and even my Father have and continue to make friends with the Malays. So what is May 13?

We were living at Salak South Garden during those times. My mother was back home after work while my father is on his way to Klang. Little did she knows that he will not be back for the day and many days later. While riding his Vespa, he was slashed at the abdomen by a group of Malays. He falls off and was pulled to the road side to die. It seems that when he regain consciousness, he made his way to the nearest police station. He was lucky to survive the incident. Until now, the scar is still very much obvious, a 1.5 feet long scar across the obdomen. According to my mum, my father health was never the same after that episode. I can imagine the agony of my mum waiting for the return of my dad and the black out of news for subsequent days….

Those were trying times…

Right now, there are news that the May 13 book will be banned… I hope not, and I will be the first to grab a copy once the second print is out…

Based on what the leaders of our country are doing, based on what the ulamak is preaching at the mosque, I would not be surprised that a similar trajedy like May 13 will revisit us in not too distant future.

Already all the mainstream papers and TV station is owned by the ruling political parties. Already the lay man is brainwashed with the constant state propaganda. We have so many corrupted and opportunistic politician. We have a toothless Anti Corruption Agency, Election Commision and we even have a manipulative Son In Law. Just check out the New Strait Times and you will find his face appearing again and again on a daily basis. Any Ali, Ah Kau or Raj will know that he is trying to build an image of Malay ultra.

And then we have religious leader like Perak Mufti, the Harussani fella. Perhaps you would question how I know what they preach at the mosque since I don’t attend any…well…..come to my place and you will hear the sermon loud and clear. Not satisfied with the load broadcast for azan, they even broadcast their sermon. So much hate, so much kafir mengkafir.

Thank God that I am not born a Malay in this country, Thank God I am not force to follow a religion where the Prophet has such a violent and vicious conduct. Thank God that I am not oblige to defend a religion which has so many injustice recorded in it’s Holy Book.

Click here for the Wafa Sultan debate…

Updates 21 May 2007, 11.45am
Checked with Popular Bookstore, Ikano. The stock has not arrive yet. According to Malaysiakini, the second print of 5000 copies should have reach the shelves by now. Wonder if it will reach the bookstore at all.
Checked with
Borders, The Curve. They said it was banned, not selling it. Emm…it was not banned! Not officially. These people have no guts!

Updates 22 May 2007, 06.23pm
The book is AVAILABLE at Popular Ikano Power Center!!!! Yeah baby yea…..

Updates 22 May 2007, 09.51pm
Bought 3 copies…..hurray!!! While leaving Popular, I notice an old apek was walking to the cashier with at least 10 of these books on hand…
By the way, not many copies remaining on the rack, but it seems there are plenty more in the store.

Read here on how the KDN fella ‘rampas’ 10 copies without paying!

FYI, we can still get it online in Malaysiakini….through the KiniBooks



  1. You just hurt me… 😦 Islam is not a full-of-hate religion but sometimes those people (those fanatic and frantic fellas lah) make it sound and look so jahat… pls don’t potray our Prophet as terrorist. He is not.

    I am not a devotee Muslim but reading your comment on the end of this article hurt me so. Sob sob!

    About MAY 13, too many version I’ve read. So I prefer the history written in Wikipedia coz it doesn’t aside either Malay or Chinese.

  2. hi anita,

    I am sorry to have hurt you. But that was not the intention. I have always reminded myself to be an agent of peace, not hate. Although sometimes my emotions do get the better of me.

    Anita, please take the posting as a form of me ‘thinking aloud’. The stand that I am taking now can, and will be altered with time. Our life is a journey and as our wisdom grows, so does our view of things around us. I am not proud of my views on Islam nor will I stubbornly maintain such a view should there be reasons for me to think otherwise.

    I admit my views are imperfect and there will always be an element of bias. As such, we should always engage each other in our views so as to enlarge our perspective of things. I seek not to change your views, but I seek your understanding and the exchange of it.

    I do not think Islam is a full of hate religion. If you know me, you would have know that I have full respect for many muslims…and one of them is Mufti of Perlis, and people like Malik Imtiaz, Haris Ibrahim and many more.

    Anita, I hope that you could do some research and fact finding to know why people suggest that Nabi Muhammad is a person with violent conduct. And based on these statement, explain to us where these statements went wrong. I fervently hope that you won’t attempt to shut me off just like Nazri and many radical muslim do. Argue with us intellectually. Our ears are open.

    As for the May13, I am not presenting another version to you. What I am presenting here is the viewpoint of a victim of May13. If you re-read my posting again, you would have notice that I did not put the blame on anyone nor did I attempt to suggest the groups(person) behind May13. The fact remains that my father was innocently slashed and left to die by Malays. Do I hold a grudge against Malay? NO! We all are just victim of circumstances and state propaganda by crooked politician for their own hidden agenda.

    God created Adam and Eve. He created us equal in His eyes. It’s human that try to classify us according to our race, religion and what not.

    Have a good day anita.

    God bless.

  3. Updates on 13 May 2008

    It’s been nearly a year since I wrote the above piece. While I do feel that it will be much wiser to remove the last offensive paragraph linking Islam to violent conduct, I find it necessary not to disturb the actual writing/thinking of mine at that time.

    This post will be a good reminder for me that I have an imperfect mind. That my perspective of things does change and (hopefully) to a wiser view of things in life.

    To link Islam to the violent conduct of muslims is unnecessary, unhelpful and wrong. To link May 13 to Islam is like linking a badly cooked curry to the ingredients that is put in or to the pot that it is cooked in.

    However good the raw ingredients are, all it takes is a bad cook to screw up the whole dish.

    The key then, is continuous engagement with others that have different opinions from mine. I guess that is the only way to grow and be able to look at the bigger scheme of things.

  4. I feel so sad reading your story , well i was 3 years old then. I cant remember anything about May 13, nor did anyone tell me about it. But i will certainly get the book and read it now.

    Went to school and work and had some really good malay frens and still do.

    Just sad how things have turned out in our country again.

    50 years and still we cant seem to live in peace. what is happening? Sad , really sad. time to say good bye and leave Boleh Land …

  5. I’m definitely hurt as what you say that our prophet is with violent conduct. I do certainly have read many articles and opinion on this, as they say that islam is being spread thru violent. it is certainly not correct.
    I am a malay but i dont think that race does matter.
    In god’s eyes, all human is the same. This is the teaching in Islam.
    What I really hope in Malaysia, there should not be any more of race oriented and what so ever. I used to have quite alot of chinese fren, not so many indian friend though as there’s not many indian in my area. I really hope that we can really stand together and say ‘we are malaysian’ instead of i’m malay, chinese, indian, or anything. the race is what make us unique but i shall not divide us. never. I really hope so. one day..
    i dont really know what happened on may 13th 1969. juz know that there s some some riot between the races… i was so sad. maybe i want to ask my parents or find that book..

  6. Diana, the above post was written more than a year ago (2007) and the views therein represented my perspective of things at that time.

    Please do read my slight change of perspective in my recent comment dated May 13, 2008.

    Again i would like to stressed that I do not put the blame of May 13 to the Malay or Chinese. Who am I to be the judge of some past events?

    It seems people are happily propagating different versions of it, depending on who’s saying it. To me, it takes two to tango.

    Nevertheless, I find it sick and perverted that there are numerous attempts by the government and educators(teachers) to present a bias view to the next generations on this issue.

    Diana, if you think there are too many lies propagating in the net on the issue of inherent violence in Islam, do find an effort to do some research on Islam and refute this gross misrepresentation.

    I, for one, would be glad to read up whatever your findings, understand and ultimately spread out this important message of love and reconciliation. We (the non-muslims) would need your help on this. We hope you and many muslims would be pro-active, instead of defensive. And to do so, it is of utmost importance that you could understand Islam thoroughly, and not from the mouth of racist and misleading ulamaks/imams. (of course, you have good ones like the current Perlis mufti…)

    You wrote –
    ” I am a malay but i dont think that race does matter. In god’s eyes, all human is the same. This is the teaching in Islam. ”

    Tell that to some Malay ulamak/imam/ustaz, and they will tell you that this statement only applies if you are a Muslim. Sad isn’t it? And I thought all of us are the descendants of Adam and Hawa.

    I am comforted that you could see equality as it is and consider me as a Malaysians of Chinese descent (and not as an 5th generation immigrant, as some BN leaders constantly shout about)


    Altantuya, you have come back from life! Tell us what happen actually…?

    Don’t leave Boleh land. We are part of the problem, and we shall strive to be part of the solutions. This is our country where our grandfather are born, live and die. I don’t think we will ever feel at home in another land.

    But I could understand why most people do so. They did it for the next generations. For that, I will have to say – If you have the means, go.

  7. i feel the wealthier after reading yr thoughts n yr reply to the comment by anita tahir. the world abhors an injustice and a vacuum seldom lasts…. yr post especially this one i hope will give some readers some thing to think about. i understand yr bit abt not intentionally wanting to offend but at the same time, the truth has to be told.

  8. I feel sad to read your story and i am sure there are many more such sad stories during those time.

    We (our family ) were living in one of those flats behind chow kit road. I was 4 years old then and i considered we were more fortunate as nothing untoward happened to us during that time. Also, nothing happened to my late grandfather and one uncle ( plus his family ) even there were staying in Kampung Baru !

    I personally don’t know much of what really happened and even as i grow older my parents never want to talk about it. In the late 70s we moved to a Taman in the area of Ulu Kelang and i remembered some family friends asking my parents why we choose to stay in a predominately Malay area. In school i mixed with other races and now in my job.

    Each time comes elections, in our newspapers quoting politicians “reminding” us about May 13. To me,it is those politicians who want to see us divided for their own personal agenda.

    To me, May 13 got nothing to do with religions or racial hatred. All these racial hated is BN propaganda. I believed the people (rakyat ) never wanted what happened in May 13 1969 except “sick” and “bankrupt” politicians!

    I believed we have to matured and brave enough to move on. Let us all Malaysians closed this chapter and move on. I know it it easy say than done but we really need to stop all these racial politicking at all levels to unite all Malaysian and take our country to greater height.

    There are still a lot of goodness in our country and people, don’t further destroy them!

  9. For the younger generation like me, it is difficult to fully grasp the gravity of the event. We will never have the same fear like those who experienced the terrible events first hand.

    I think we need a detailed account of the event so that we fully understand & move on as a nation. No more using that date as threats

  10. The Prophet has such a violent and vicious conduct?

    Be enlightened:

    A religion which has so many injustice recorded in it’s Holy Book?

    Check out the facts:

    Hope these will set the record straight.

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