Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 17, 2008

People like these, How to find….?

Many people, especially those who ONLY read Utusan Melayu and Berita Harian and ONLY watch TV3 will never agree with the Azmi Sharom views. My guess is that sooner or later, he will be labelled with all kind of names and lastly threat to his life…

Some quotes –

If the Malays are the largest group of people in Malaysia who are in the most need, then they will get the most help. If they are not in the most need, then why on earth do they need help then?

You do not meet racism with racism; you challenge it by destroying all traces of it.

Perhaps the real threat is the threat to Umno hegemony, in which case my answer to that is this: clean up your act, live up to your promises and listen to what the people are saying.

Read his thoughts about Ketuanan Melayu here…

Check out his blog here…


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