Posted by: Kaki Ayam | April 17, 2008

Easier to Convert

From The Star,

Read in full, HERE…

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said

… ever since Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s announcement last week, the Syariah Judicial Department and the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) have been looking into ways to assist individuals planning to embrace Islam.

… the outcome of the conference would be used as a guideline, adding it would be determined later whether it would be best for those intending to convert to Islam to inform their families before or after conversion.

… “We need to hear what the experts say. We also need to make it easy for those who need to take on the responsibility of dropping the bombshell to their families,” he said, adding that the authorities were also aware that informing the family before converting could result in them being prevented from embracing the religion of their choice.

I am not anti Islam and it’s always good to know that someone has finally found their faith and willing to commit to it.

But I detest the way it is propagated and regulated in Malaysia. The controversies caused by these conversion issues are not due solely by the fact that the family members are not duly informed. Rather, it is due to many instances where the legality and validity of the conversion itself is questioned. In other words, the alleged conversion may or may not have taken place. All the controversies involved those that are dead.

Does it really matter whether the family is inform prior to or after conversion? I have yet to hear of any physical harm that come across a new convert, but we do hear a lot of physical threat for those who want to renounce Islam.

It seems to me, the government are not sparing any efforts to assist individuals and make it easy for them to convert to Islam, while at the same time creating various levels of difficulties ‘safeguarding’ muslims from renouncing Islam. I wonder if that is what the muddlehead Badawi means to respect other religions…

I hate to say these, but people like Zahid Hamidi shows a very hypocritical face of Islam and helps to etch deeper into my mind that Muslims like him has a perverted sense of justice.



  1. hello…

    i believe the declaration itself is insufficient to resolve all the problems arising from conflicts affecting people governed under two jurisdictions but in the same country.

    like i said in my blog, we need to have clarity in terms of which jurisdiction prevails if disputes arise between Muslims and non-Muslims.

    all these form filling exercises are mere paperwork…

  2. brother, thanks for being the 1st commenter!

    i read your post on baptism and suicidal twice quite some time ago. Would like to respond to it, but just can’t find any proper words except to say that I am glad to have met and know you.

  3. dear kaki ayam,

    hehe… no worries la….

    it’s been good to know you too…:)

  4. Hello kaki ayam.
    let me introduce myself, this is Abdelhamid Ribera from Barcelona, Spain, living now in Granada.
    why do i write you?
    let me tell you: i,m studing on line since june bahasa malay witch i love to learn, and yesterday i start to build a blog and having to choose a name i did choose orang kakiayam. So today just for curiousity i click the name in google founding your blog, (ocassionally i search malaysian webs to translate with the dictionary)
    So i could not understand your style, perhaps cause you center in local politics wich i don,t arrive,
    I felt a bit jeaulous about you caching the name before i arrive (it is a joke).
    Then i found your comment about conversion to Islam and beeing myself a new muslim since 27 years ago i,ll like to ask you a few things, first, are you muslim? if you are, how can you say that you are not anti-islam?
    If you are not, i,ll tell that living in a minority muslim population country when a non-muslim tell me i,m not anti-it, the interpretation of this sentence is allways that hi is very anti, otherway
    why has anybody to remark it?
    Well, kakiayam, may god guide our kaki to the truth and jumpa a baggus kakitangam.

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