Posted by: Kaki Ayam | March 10, 2008

I am surprised…by this nation…

The euphoria is not over yet. The fact that the opposition managed to captures 4 states are still sinking in. We prayed, but for most of us, we weren’t that sure…really. The BN government has been here since independence, and has never lost any states in such a manner. Prior to the voting, my only hope was the increase in parliamentary seats by the opposition, especially Tony Pua (PJ Utara) and Hannah. I initially refuse to believe rumours spreading around that the opposition managed to capture Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang. (Of course, Kelantan is always in the opposition Pas hand). But this is true, and as a concerned citizen of Malaysia, I am happy and satisfied. My only regret was not having more faith in my prayers and the prayers of the nation.

From the onset, this has been a David versus Goliath duel. The BN with it limitless resources, Radio, TV, the Police Force, FRU, SPR (Election Commision) and money, has failed miserably to influence the outcome of the election. From banned opposition ceramah, to dirty tricks a few days before the election, the rakyat stood their ground. While I have my reservation to say that the righteous triumph in this case, clearly, the Evil are being dealt with.

May this election fever subside fast enough and hopefully, we would quite down our hearts and may our spirit be calm as we approach Easter in two weeks time. will continue with this post soon….

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  1. sadly…our overjoy may be shortlived, no thanks to DAP…

  2. myop01, don’t worry. Things will settle down…

    I have a strong feeling that this is part of the sandiwara by LKS for the perak chinese who felt betrayed with the selection of a PAS candidate. If it is what i think it is, then LKS is acting the role of the bad guy here.

    If my feeling is wrong, then we should symphatise with LKS for carrying the heavy burden of being a chinese chauvinist. He should free up himself from the baggage of being a racist.

    Anyway, you and I know our stand on these issue. Let us assure malays around us that we are not thinking in the same rein as LKS. They need that.

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