Posted by: Kaki Ayam | August 6, 2006

Apology for the misinformation on the sms on Saturday

Would like to apologise for sending an sms on sat night regarding the Lina Joy verdict. It was send to me by several friends of mine.

I have my reservation on the content of the sms itself and yet decided to edit part of the sms and resend to everyone. The first thing that prompts me to suspect its validity is that it mention ‘tommorow is the verdict’, when tommorow is actually a Sunday. And then the initial sms mention on the 10,000 strong protest on Friday. Now, i know about the protest, but I remember it was not about Lina Joy, at least not specifically.

Finally the original sms mentioned that there are 250,000 muslims waiting for the verdict and will apply to be apostate once the Lina Joy case is successfull. Again, as far as i know, the most exaggerated figure is around 100,000 as mentioned by the Perak Mufti, nowhere near 250,000. Even the Perak Mufti is unable to back up his claim when asked on how he arrived at the 100K figure.

It’s pretty obvious that the sms is being very judgemental and trying to fan religious emotion. And yet, I choose to relay it to all i know after some editing. For that, I would like to apologise again.

Have a good day ahead.

God bless.


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