The morning started innocently until I read Haris Ibrahim blog about an all important Press conference at 11am this morning.

And dear Haris did update us on further development in this post.

Below are an excerpt taken from Anwar Ibrahim’s blog of the contents of the Press Conference. Basically, the PC is about the unsurprising revelation (with far reaching consequences) of the Altantuya’s murder trial. Some notable statements includes –

25. During this discussion and in an attempt to persuade me to continue my employment with him, Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that :-

  • 25.1 He had been introduced to Aminah by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.
  • 25.2 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.
  • 25.3 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wanted Abdul Razak Baginda to look after Aminah as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the Deputy Prime Minister.
  • 25.4 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Abdul Razak Baginda and Aminah had all been together at a dinner in Paris.

To read the full statutory declaration, go here…

The shit has hit the fan this time and many will be stained…


Recheck the link and verified is Bernama report –

Click Here for the Article

PUTRAJAYA, 12 Jun (Bernama) — Kerajaan mungkin terpaksa menetapkan harga runcit bahan api yang lebih tinggi daripada RM2.70 bagi petrol dan RM2.58 bagi diesel berkuatkuasa Khamis lepas, jika ia tidak menstrukturkan sistem subsidi bahan bakar.

Ini kerana harga minyak mentah global meningkat kepada AS$138 setong dua hari selepas itu.

Tanpa sistem subsidi baru yang ditetapkan pada 30 sen, kerajaan mungkin terpaksa menetapkan harga pada RM3.15 seliter untuk petrol, kata Menteri Kewangan Kedua Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

Menurut beliau semasa kerajaan mengumumkan harga baru petrol, harga tanpa subsidi ialah RM3.00 seliter dan dengan subsidi harganya RM2.70 seliter iaitu kurang 30 sen.

Pada 4 Jun, kerajaan mengumumkan harga petrol dan diesel masing-masing meningkat 78 sen dan RM1 seliter.

“Namun pada Jumaat, dua hari selepas pengumuman harga baru, harga dipasaran naik sehingga US$178 setong. Berasaskan pada harga itu, harga tanpa subsidi sekarang ialah 3.45 sen,” katanya pada taklimat media mengenai Bajet 2009 hari Khamis.

“Harga dah naik, jadi kalau kita tidak buat apa-apa dan kekalkan sistem subsidi. Hujung bulan kita terpaksa umumkan harga minyak pada RM3.15 sen seliter,” katanya sambil menambah jumlah subsidi akan meningkat ketahap RM33 bilion.

Nor Mohamed berkata tanpa penstrukturan semula, kerajaan mengunjurkan jumlah subsidi dari Jun hingga Disember 2008 sebanyak RM10 bilion, manakala bagi lima bulan pertama 2008, jumlah subsidi meningkat kepada RM8 bilion.

Menurutnya jumlah hasil kerajaan dari semua sumber hanya RM147 bilion dan daripada jumlah itu, RM33 bilion harus dikeluarkan daripada bajet untuk memberi subsidi kepada syarikat-syarikat minyak kerana mereka telah diminta menjual minyak pada tahap yang rendah.


Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 14, 2008

Lido Boulevard

Check this out –

Work on Lido Boulevard to start in September

Developer gears up to begin work on Lido Boulevard

Two things that strikes me is this –

CENTRAL Malaysian Properties Sdn Bhd (CMP), a company linked to businessman Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, said it is on track to begin work on the RM2.7 billion Lido Boulevard waterfront project in the Iskandar Development Region, Johor, in March.

It will take 24 months to complete the land reclamation, which will extend between 0.04km and 0.45km into the Straits of Johor along a 2.4km stretch of the beachfront here.

“The land reclamation would be strictly monitored with stringent measures in place to protect marine life, the coastal environment and the livelihoods of affected fishermen.

My question is as below –

1. What strikes you when the name Tan Sri Vincent Tan is mentioned? ( gambling business? lingam? well connected? )

2. Land reclamation? Are we that short of land? What would the Tebrau straits be, if S’pore decided to do the same from their side?

3. Do you really think there are any marine life at Tebrau Straits? Do you seriously thinks that there are fisherman there? The sea water over there are not even safe for drinking!

If the project comes up to what it suppose to be (according to the news piece) then, by all means, it’s a good project. Lido beach is a waste land anyway. Any measure to rehabilitate it would be good and much welcome. The benefit, according to the spokesman is great –

  1. “We will also build flyovers and pedestrian bridges to transform Lido Boulevard into one of the most attractive destinations in Johor Baru.”
  2. Chan said works will also involve land reclamation at Lido Beach.
  3. Lido Boulevard has four main development components: luxury condominiums, waterfront office suites, a hotel and a shopping mall.
  4. According to Chan, Lido Boulevard will have generous open spaces for public recreation. This includes a 2.4km-long boardwalk, 9.7ha man-made lagoon for water activities and 1.8ha public park.
  5. The development blueprint is based on the theme of a “garden city”, with landscaped gardens, water fountains and park-like facilities covering nearly a quarter of the area.

And the fact that this project is initiated by lingam’s good friend, ehem….

But my guess is that this project may not bring any good to Johoreans in general and over long term. In the end, it will be but another place for S’poreans to place their mistresses without having to drive all the way to Taman Sentosa.

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 14, 2008

More daily items rising…

Milk will be more expensive soon. Giant, Tesco and Carrefour has been bulk buying milk powder from milk manufacturers these days. I was informed that the usual order comes to tens of boxes, but they have been ordering in terms of hundreds per day. This massive increase could be in anticipation of a sudden increase in price for all milk products. No, don’t be naive by thinking these Hypermarkets are doing this for your sake. They are doing this to be ready for the kill by selling old goods with new price.

In fact, a local manufacturer has informed all it’s customers of the impending increase in milk products in this coming July. The quantum of increase is still unknown. My advise to mothers with babies, stock up and stock up! The fact that all the major hypermarkets are ordering full steam shows that the increase will be significant.

Price of chicken has increase by RM1 in most places within a week and I have also noticed that my favourite Chacos Chips has rise to RM2.20, an increase of RM0.30 in less than a month ago.

Malaysians brothers and sisters, brace yourself for a tough road ahead.

To be professor in a University, one must have excellent (if not great) academic achievement. To be the Managing Director of a company, one must have excellent managing capability. To be a chef of a restaurant, one must have some specialty dish that no one in the team can cook better.

But what are the qualities to be a member of Majlis Tertinggi UMNO (MT)? What are the criteria that define or separates those within Majlis Tertinggi UMNO? Well, wealth is one. The wealthier you are, the higher you sits within the MT and this is common knowledge. The other prerequisite it seems, is the ability to cause division. Take, this ex-UMNO Youth asshole who has a perverted sense of justice. People like them are trying various means to infect the unsuspecting Malays with their racial and religious bigotry with the ultimate aim of causing disunity and dissatisfaction among Malaysians.

In Utusan Melayu today –

Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO (MT), Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi percaya orang Melayu di Selangor kini mula sedar bahawa mereka terpaksa menanggung padah kerana salah memilih kerajaan.

Menurut beliau, ini berikutan keputusan kerajaan campuran Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), DAP dan Pas negeri Selangor menghapuskan peraturan mengehadkan rumah ibadat bukan Islam di negeri itu. Beliau berkata, walaupun Menteri Besar Selangor beragama Islam tetapi tidak mempunyai kuasa sebaliknya keputusan yang diambil ditentukan oleh barisan Exco negeri itu.

”Cuma saya ingin beritahu orang Islam di Selangor, itulah harga mahal yang terpaksa mereka bayar kerana salah memilih kerajaan,” katanya. Menurutnya, keluasan sesuatu rumah ibadat bukan Islam hanya ditentukan oleh kerajaan negeri dengan melalui pihak berkuasa tempatan. Kata beliau, wujud satu garis panduan khas kerana Islam adalah agama rasmi negara dan mempunyai garis panduan tertentu tanpa mengetepikan agama lain.

Read the whole article HERE.

It seems to me, they are portraying Islam in a very narrow minded way. Is Islam unfair? Is Islam restrictive? Does Islam promotes a perverted sense of justice among her followers? The way this Zahid portrays Islam, seems to define Islam as such. Especially when none of the religious leaders rebuke him for saying so.

This Zahid asshole seems to be getting a lot of press coverage recently. Could it be due to the impending UMNO election?

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 7, 2008

Living on a Prayer – Let’s lighten up a little…

I think the title of the song is highly appropriate for the current predicament most Malaysians are in. The guitarist above is Sungha Jung. You may get a feeling that he is not the real player as he seems to play it almost effortlessly. Go to You Tube and search for his name. You will be impressed. Enjoy…

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 7, 2008

Therima Khaseh, Pak Lah yang disayangi…

I have yet to pump in petrol since the fateful day when the petrol goes up to RM2.70…

Although I have yet to feel the direct effect of the rise in fuel, I slowly come to terms that many things will never be the same again. There are practically no way to avoid the rise in living cost. Everyone, from the normal wage earner to the small businessman will find ways to compensate for the loss, or rather rise in cost of doing things. The chain effects will come in fast and furious, like these –

Petrol, power price rise effects begin to kick in

Lorry transport fees up

Cooking gas delivery charges may go up

Electricity rates go up

Government removes RM6 per kilo ceiling price for chicken

FMM hails cement price lift

Manufacturers worry

Chicken price soars to RM7 a kilo – June 13 2008

For one, I am not oppose to the increase in fuel cost (as I have stated in my previous post). In fact, I find it reasonable for the government to raise it to the level that reflect the market rates, which means Zheelo subsidies given. But I find it a terrible misjudgement on the part of Pak Lah to decide on the rise in such an abrupt manner. Only a few days ago, our terribly unwise Sharir Samad promised on not raising the price of fuels. What caused the turnaround, Pak Lah? Are you a born liar OR was it one of your lifelong aspiration to be called a liar? You have lied to us many many times, from your marriage status (which is personal, I admit), the setting up of IPCMC to the date of dissolution of the Parliament on March 8, just to name a few. Was that some form of elegant lying which you find it compatible with the elegant silence which you subscribe to?

Until now, I am still confused which part did you lie. Did you or your guys lie when they say the price review will only take place in August? Or was it done purposefully so as to make us ill prepared for any eventuality? The measures which you and your stupid team has come up upon announcement gives me an indication that the decision was made abruptly. But I am wondering, was that part of the play too? My intuition tells me that you and your cabinet fuckingly plan about this well ahead of time. ( this is the first time i am using a vulgar word, but I promise this shall not be the last)

You plan well, you make it look like an abrupt decision caused by the rise in fuel price, you wait to see the response of the rakyat to see how much goodies you may want to release to them. Fuck you Pak Lah. Either way, you are a bad planner, bad executioner and shortsighted. Sometimes I wonder was that pre-planned too?

Reading these articles make my blood boils, it’s like rubbing chilli boh to the ass hole –

Public transport, school bus operators warned against raising fares

I would like to stress that public transport and school bus operators are not affected by the fuel hike because they are entitled to diesel at RM1.43 per litre and they are given fleet cards. There is no reason why they should increase their fares as announced by the bus operators association today,” he told reporters Friday after attending Umno retreat at a hotel here.

Mr. Noh Omar, if the government have any perceived right to increase the price of petrol without prior informing the rakyat, I don’t think you have much to say about them increasing theirs. At least they have the decency to inform the public of the hike in advance. It’s stupid to make such a remark in public as we know that’s just a sandiwara on your part. We know you don’t care.

Bus services may grind to a halt when quota runs out

Stage and express buses may stop running in the last week of every month if operators do not receive more subsidised diesel supply under the fleet card system. Pan Malaysian Bus Operators Association president Datuk Ashfar Ali said although the system entitled them to diesel at RM1.43 a litre, supply was not enough. “The amount we get is enough for about 70% of our operations. Unless we get at least 30% more, we are in trouble,” he told The Star.

Ashfar said operators used to absorb the price difference when the pump price was RM1.58 a litre but could not manage now that the price was increased to RM2.58 yesterday. “My members are saying that when they run out of the diesel quota, they will stop operating until they receive the quota for the following month,” he said. Ashfar added that bus companies also faced problems with some oil companies over the fleet card system as the rebate was not given instantly to operators, with some taking up to a month to do it.

Measures to soften fuel price impact on SMEs

On the automotive industry, he said national car producer Proton was encouraged to produce more fuel-efficient cars as they would be much sought after following the increase in oil prices.

Too little, too late. From 85% to 90%, a rise of 5%. That must be a lot muhyiddin. I shudder to think that you would be the next UMNO president (hence, Prime Minister). You speak so irresponsibly. By the way, I still remember the mess Johor Bahru is in, with pubs, discos and night clubs mushrooming during your tenour as Chief Minister of Johore.

Talk is easy, talk cock is even easier.

Road tax may be cut further

Asked if public transportation would receive further subsidies following the fuel price rise, Ong said the Cabinet Committee on Public Transportation would discuss it further.

“Of course, certain things have yet to be worked out. Some of the input, initiatives and proposals will be discussed by the committee.

At this juncture, it (further public transport subsidy) is still open-ended,” he said.

So what’s holding you back, Mr. Ong? What’s the point of cutting road tax when our monthly expenditure increase by 50%? What we want to hear from you is greater effort in improving the public transport within Klang Valley and other major towns. You makes us feel that being a minister is so easy. Gives us your pledge in improving our public transport, until then, you are as useless as your predecessors.

Thank you for this assurance. So now, we should just get on with our life knowing that leaders like you would discuss the best measures to lighten our burden. Let us see if these discussion will bear any fruit to the public. Even if nothing comes out of it, perhaps we should be grateful that your ministry actually discussed about it, no?

Government must act to avert price hike

The Government must take steps to prevent producers and suppliers from using the petrol price increase as an excuse to raise the prices of goods and services. Social activist Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said that the petrol price hike would affect many industries and they would use the opportunity to increase the cost of materials and production.

Mr. Lee, the question is how? I think we should call you Talk Cock Lee the next time you open your mouth…

Bernas reduces fragrant rice’s price

Bernas will reduce its wholesale price of fragrant and glutinous rice from midnight today. Its managing director Bakry Hamzah said this was possible because “we managed to buy fragrant rice from Thailand at a very low price very, very recently”.

Thank you for the reduction, Bernas. You monopolises the rice industry in Malaysia. You alone has AP for rice import. You insisted that Malaysian shall not plant fragrant rice so that we fully depended upon Thai fragrant rice. Which only Bernas has the AP. What a clever way of doing things.

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 5, 2008

August, will be the month….

Over dependence on oil...It is confirmed. By August, we will be paying the same price S’poreans pay for their petrol.

And yes, I am scared shit. My monthly petrol expenses comes to about RM250. In two months time, I will be paying at least RM500. Well, an extra of RM250 can be absorbed, albeit painfully. But think of the chain reaction with the rise of petrol price. Everything, absolutely everything in this country will increase in tandem. Food, property, the opportunistic toll operators, the opportunistic hawkers… I wonder if our monthly church offering should be increase too, considering the church expenses will be similarly affected …

The government has agreed to float the price of cement (floating the price of some ‘item’ always means the price will go up, up and away….). This means properties, whether new or old will have another excuse to ‘appreciate’ in price. The government has also agreed to float the price of raw chicken to reflect the market rate. This means the chicken that we consume here and in S’pore will be sold at similar price.

I am wondering aloud, why stop there Badawi? If you want to open up and let everything reflect the world prices, why not open up all? Why didn’t you remove all the AP for cars, plastic materials and other raw materials that are so important to the manufacturing sector? Why don’t you liberalise all banking sector, insurance and telecommunications?

Half baked measures like this will more likely makes us less competitive while at the same time choking us unnecessarily. The cost of manufacturing is still high in Malaysia. There are too many taxes, resulting in our products being less competitive as compared to S’pore. My opinion is, if you want to take steps in opening up the country, do so with prior planning and not in knee jerk fashion. Set a timetable and allow the rakyat to plan for their future. We Malaysians, are not afraid of competitions. But let the competitions be fair. We are not frightened by realities of life and we know all these while we are blessed with the artificial low price of certain raw materials (and artificially high prices for certain item). The only thing that we hope from the government is in not being a stumbling block in our effort to compete with the rest of the world.

So what should we do? My first worry is the price of house. I don’t have much money, but I know if I fail to secure any house now, the price will doubled by year end. Inflation level will increase significantly. And by that time, I will not be able to afford any house. Other than that, I guess I will take it in stride the increase in price of common commodity. I will travel less to my hometown, I will drive less aggressively.

In the mean time, my advise to all of you readers (as if there are many…:P) –

  • Travel as much as you can. Travel to those places which you wanted to (but not able to due to financial constrains)
  • Eat anything, everything and as much as you want
  • Drive to far away places locally
  • Buy the things which you have been eying for months now….
  • Eat, Play and Be Happy….

The bottom line is –

You may hesitate in doing many things now due to monetary consideration.

But my advise is, DO IT NOW!

Simply because, many things will be out of your reach soon!!!

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 5, 2008

Life is getting interesting (difficult) soon….

Life is indeed getting interesting nowadays and that is especially true for Malaysian. The price of food and basic amenities have been shooting up. The price of flour, rice, milk and chicken (just to name a few) has doubled since a year back. Some even tripled, as in the case of flour and rice. I wonder what would the future hold for us. The price of fuel has been steadily increasing and base on the current pattern, we are nowhere near the peak.

While I would stop short of calling the future bleak, I believe that life will be different pretty soon. Gone are the days when I would drive all the way from Kota Damansara to Cheras or Puchong for dinner during weekends. Also, gone are the days when I would drive all the way to Kuala Selangor just to soak in to the serenity on top of the hill overlooking the sea.

I am not too depressed about it. In fact, there’s something good with the increase in price for basic commodity like food and fuel. People will consume both food and petrol with much care. Having said that, things will be very different for poorer families and countries. It pains me to hear of people in Philippines and Indonesia that are having a hard time feeding themselves.

Our government has been doing all the wrong things, and taking all the wrong measures in addressing this global phenomenon. Malaysia are blessed with an abundance of land and natural resources, and yet, the government has failed to make full use of it. And in most case, there are deliberate attempt to maintain control and sabotage any form of solutions for the sake of money and power. We have always known our government as being shortsighted. The only thing that surprises us was the consistent display of extreme shortsightedness again and again.

Have you wonder why Malaysia has not been producing Fragrant rice? Have you ever wondered why we need to import rice from Thailand? Do you know that Bernas hold a monopoly over the rice trade in Malaysia?

If you don’t, no worries. What is certain is that life is getting more interesting, soon….even if you don’t know the answer…

Food Crisis

Posted by: Kaki Ayam | June 2, 2008

Tun Mahathir, no wonder Mugabe is your fren…

The old wily fox has got a million hits. Went to read up on one of his latest posting –

Have posted two comment. Let’s see which one appears in his blog –

Comment 1

Your writing shows the person you are, to be capable of making malaysia to it’s level today.

Thank you, Tun M.

Without you, Malaysia will never be such an interesting place to be in. Without you, our life will be different. Without you, Malaysia will still be in the 70’s.

We feel so blessed that we grow up with you as our PM.

Now that you are no more our PM, we wonder would the next PM be able to capitalise on all the good work you have done.

Salam, Tun M.


Comment 2

It takes more than a simple posting to criticise you for your thoughts.

I find it unnecesssary and a waste of time for a person like you to be corrected and rebuke.

Bring it to your grave, you and your racist mindset.


Update – Both appears. I think I should do a better job next time of not submitting both comments using the same name and with the same IP.

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